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DAC Cast Episode 16 - Everybody Is Golf
October 17, 2017 Detroit Arcade Club

Originally recorded on September 26th, 2017

Tell me -- when was the first moment you realized -- you were golf? The DAC Podcast Crew tees off another episode with discussions centered around their favorite video sports games, as well as how to cope with one's newfound circumstance as a virtual golf monster. Talking points include: eBay woes, tasteless usernames, becoming golf, being golf, Sega's Ice Canes, Famicom Diamond Bags, Hoop Balls (with punching), Neo Geo Flying Wheels, and many other digital sporting experiences.

Hang with DAC at KO Studio Gallery in Hamtramck, MI this Saturday, October 21st at 2pm for open arcade day! Search for Detroit Arcade Club on Facebook for more details.

Theme song by SNESEI: https://snesei.bandcamp.com/

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