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DAC Cast Episode 20 - I'm the Bad Ending
April 20, 2018 Detroit Arcade Club

Originally recorded One Million Years Ago™

Hot-diggity-shit, it's episode 20 on 4/20 (aka The Weed Day)! The DAC Podcast boys shake off the rust after some time away from the recording studio and weave in and out of discussions about Adam Koebel's thoughts on narrative branching and "true endings" in videogames, while simultaneously counting down Game Informer's top 300 games of all time and examining eloquently enunciated GameStop.com user reviews for new (and classic) games. It's a non-linear journey with secret quests, unexpected twists and turns, multiple endings.

Topics include: Into the Breach, Nier: Automata, Undertale, Twinkle Star Sprites, GameStop, Taco Bell, Kirby Star Allies, Monster Hunter World, Burnout Paradise, Danmaku Unlimited 3, Mark McGrath, Zelda BOTW, Fallout New Vegas, Rivers Cuomo, The Batman is a bad man, Tommy's feet.

Theme song by SNESEI: https://snesei.bandcamp.com/

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