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DAC Cast Episode 24 - Dark Souls Spooktacular, wsg DodonTommy
October 31, 2018 Detroit Arcade Club

Originally recorded on October 24th, 2018

Yes, indeed... The ailing winds of October begin to fade as ash sweeps across the land, yet the DAC Cast remains as a single, smoldering ember in the wake of merciless pestilence. That is to say, on this our Eve of Hallows, three chosen undead shall venture forth beyond their former asylum to face the indifferent world of Dark Souls in jolly cooperation. Who knows what strange travelers... or perhaps invaders... they may meet upon this fool's journey... mmm hm hm, heh heh heh heh, muah ha ha haaaaaa...

Good-ass Dark Souls map tweet: https://twitter.com/tettix/status/721665147731841024

Theme song by SNESEI: https://snesei.bandcamp.com

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